Personally, I do not need to plough through any more of DEFRA's damnable FMD Contingency Plan (Version 3.1).

2.23 Additional control strategies include:

• culling of other susceptible livestock exposed to the disease (e.g. premises under virus plumes, premises contiguous to the infected premises);


• pre-emptive or ‘firebreak’ culling of animals not on infected premises, not dangerous contacts or not necessarily exposed to the disease, in order to prevent the wider spread of the disease outwith an area.

2.24 A Disease Control (Slaughter) Protocol setting out the requirements that must be followed in the event of a pre-emptive cull is at Annex C.


Virus Plumes........... who can define and plot these things. Not the "best scientific advice" boys for one.

The Contiguous Cull all over again, whilst Morley Mk2 will spout, "Emergency Vaccination was immediately considered as an option, and it still is".  Maybe even 10 times within a year - who knows ?

This latest version is as ham-fisted, complicated, and damnably STUPID as the last.

Captain Bryn Wayt