The " missing " Court case

The only people prosecuted and heavily fined for the illegal movement of pigs during the Classical Swine Fever epidemic in East Anglia were the pig pyramid companies.

We are told by an emailer who lives in East Anglia that there have been persistent complaints of animal cruelty at their premises, including the famous "missing Court Case." when the RSPCA and Hillside Sanctuary (Redwing) took BQP to court for animal cruelty. The judge refused to accept the video evidence on the grounds that since the premises were under restriction the video was obtained illegally. He then heavily fined Redwing instead for breaking the restrictions and Maff put restrictions on their premises.

Some of the Hillside Sanctuary / Redwing investigators were at Bobby Waugh's pig farm immediately before FMD was discovered - and also, we understand, at the premises of a certain sheep dealer in Devon.

It would appear that all the records of the BQP Court Case were removed from the internet soon after publication.