Forum of Private Business

You've probably seen some of the publicity by the Forum of Private Business on Defra avoiding payments for legitimate invoices and orders.

There's a site where people affected can post information at

However, the good news is that the All-Party Small Business Group have already had a meeting in the Commons, and are seriously looking into it.

They are running a public meeting at Taunton Town Hall on 25th November, at which any farmer/contractor can come and speak. James Meyrick is organising the slots, which will be about 5 minutes per person - his number is 01565 634467,

You will probably know that a frequent response of Defra is to allege fraud (see Nigel Griffiths's answer to the PQ), All the people I have spoken to who have been subjected to this, are innocent.

I'm sure that there are likely to be some persons who have gone into liquidation as a result of non-payment by Defra, but do you have any information on that, and other issues you'd like to raise? ....

Yours sincerely,

Paul Gregory Campaign Advisor FPB