our nineteen sheep are as batty as me.

As every one knows I am as batty as a coot. So our nineteen sheep are as batty as me. Of course they are Shetland Sheep, except for Swaledale Sally, who thinks she is a Shetland. I'm personally convinced that Shetlands are different.

They all have names and most will come when called, Jim Peet's Best 'Hartside' works wonders. I think it is the molasses. We have a Harrison Sheep Race and most of them will walk into it, Jim Peet's again. I have to remember to gate it off or it will have two or three patiently waiting in it. Several of the 'ladies' come to be petted, in fact when I am in the fields with them I get mugged. It's nothing personal to me, Paul gets the same treatment too and Joyce. In fact Joyce went into the flock one day and had to be rescued, it was quite embarrassing, she really should wear trousers. We feed them a small amount each day, bucket tame sheep are easy to handle, no chasing them around the field. So when they have cleared up the troughs they rush over to the gate where Joyce is waiting with a little extra. They have no manners, pushing and shoving, just for tiny handfuls. It's a good job Joyce is behind the gate.

Isaac the elderly wether is a bit fed up at the moment, he's got yellow on his back. Dusty Miller thinks he's a yow.

Now Dusty Miller is the character of the lot. He came to us on 4th October, into a paddock out of sight of the yows. He could smell 'em and hear them so he wasn't a happy lad. But, he loves attention, ear scratching, chin scratching, brisket scratching, in fact any form of attention. He'll stand for it as long as you can do it. So when he was let loose on 4th November we thought this would all cease. Not a bit of it. When I'm in the field he comes and follows me about asking to be scratched and etc. He is the most amenable sheep I have ever known.

Dusty is the perfect Ram for us as he is the unusual one who has tested R1 twice and according to 'their' theory he should be no better than R2. So where better for him to be than with an awkward old sod like me.

You see, I love Sheep, and so does the rest of the Family.

Cheers, Ron.