Hi all. This has just popped up.  Couldnt resist sending it out
Old MacDonald Did Some Harm
The Big Mac
is more than a snack
itís a smack
in the face
of the human race
not to mention the cow.
it is also a pat
on the back
for the almighty buck.
all that gristle and fat
served up
in a bap.
itís got to be crap
if it isnít sicked up.
look at the muck
in the gutters.
chewed food
and the flap
of a package flutters
as a car goes by.
donít you know
this is not the way to go?
why canít you see
this is not the way to be?
ever heard of Kyoto?
donít know
about the ICC?
you donít give a fack
for Iraq
or even your heart attack
you just want to snack.
on a Big Mac.


© Richard Lawson

Congresbury 2003-11-23