Regarding the disasters of BSE, and FMD.. and continuing BS about scrapie.. the words of Buchal should ring a bell

"The very independence that is the strength and beauty of you people is a great weakness when it comes to organization"

Sustainable .. should mean local.. I.E. importing food over vast distances, burning huge amounts of fossil fuel, ain't exactly sustainable.. Sustainability by definition, implies living predominantly on "local" resources.

Globalisation implies local specialisation,(economic comparative advantage) and transporting goods all over the world.. and as such is dependent on a cheap supply of non-renewable fossil fuels.. So for example, you can get NZ lamb or frozen Thai chicken or Prawns in the UK..

So we need some measure of food nutitional values/per unit of fossil fuel burned or some such.. However I expect this is another boondoggle to impose more regs...

If one wanted to find out what is sustainable.. just cut off international trade.. one will find what sustainable means, PDQ.. In this last event, lets hope one can still raise some food locally

The problem is, if we become fully globalised before energy resource constraints pinch hard...(and they will at some point) then we probably will have lost the ability be independant.. And I suspect this is exactly what our globalising enthusiast political masters want..

Our immediate problem , however is political.. And political problems cannot be solved, addressing (arguing about) technical issues..

(From Brent, an emailer in Canada)