But most important of all Demonize your enemy!

The Labour Party may have had its faults but with a few exceptions it was strongly Nationalist. It was anti-European.

So de-stabalise it, fund the creation of the Social Democrat Party, result destabalise the Labour Party and for that matter somewhat upset the Conservative Party. Easy to predict that the 'be all things to all men' Liberal Party would join and thereby re-arrange British politics for ever. Short of a revolution.

The Mine Workers, in the form of Arthur Scargill, wished to keep British Mines open to provide work for British miners. But that would guarantee that we were independent for energy for many years to come. So destabalise it, fund the Union of Democratic Mineworkers, (notice the 'Democratic' again). Result there are hardly any British mines now. Yet we sit on about 400 years supply.

And so it goes on, if you want to get rid of a British Industry, demonize the workers. No one cares a dam when it goes. "Well they were a bunch of bloody Commies, good riddance".

They did it to my union The Association of Cinematograph, Television and allied Technicians (ACTT). We were 'dangerous'. We controlled the Media! So we had to go. Fund a rival Union, I never could remember its name, we just called it Teflon, it was very slippery.

Result the destruction of ITV, BBC, and the British Film Industry. ACTT spent a lot of time trying to maintain the high standards of the British media and especially the independence of the ITV Companies. Look at them now, almost all gone. Shortly they will be effectively controlled by no more that two companies, and they may well be foreign.

The demonizing of the Rural Community has been going on for years, there's no one to defend them, so I think they will have to do it themselves in what ever way they can.