Isn't amazing how things just do not seem to change much since those dark days of 2001 and FMD.

This organisation , DEFRA are a very sick joke. The policy they carried out through FMD was illegal. Their word is bio security. But which idiots and presumably they were their vets , allowed cattle from the down south TB hotspots to move to the north? Now we have bovine TB in the north west. Farmers should also take some of the blame for this, they knew where the cows were coming from.

Bovine TB has been around a long time and still the wonderfull scientists have failed to come up with a satisfactory test that works. The test they have is very hit and miss. But what else would anyone expect from DEFRA?

The latest on hobby farmers and pigs from DEFRA. How bloody stupid can these people be. The problems and the health risks come from the large factory farming establishments, not the hobby or smallholder.

Once again Mary , you do a wonderful job. We just live in a shitty little world, run by faceless wonders. I cannot believe that I have been reading this site on a daily basis since its inception.


Michael & Sandra