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email received April 2 2004 from Capt Bryn Wayt

DEFRA have been mulling over, like drugged Sloth's, how they will activate the Emergency Vaccination plan for going on 3 years now and they still contend,


3.27    To ensure that emergency vaccination can be implemented without delay in any future outbreak, Defra is currently making arrangements, subject to public consultation, for the use of lay vaccinators to be permitted by orders made under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and the Medicines Act 1968.

But hang on a minute, did they not just say on Page 2,

·        .  To avoid consultation ‘fatigue’ we will not always consult on the whole Plan when only these policy changes are incorporated.  However, interested parties will be written to in order to let them know of the changes to the Plan and we will also place a clear message on the Defra website;

The "clear message" here is, they will immediately consider vaccination and then rule it out because they will be trying to get ahead of the disease and did not have time (or the 'will') to train these lay vaccinators, never mind complete the veterinary "pre-vaccination" Health and Safety visits!
So here we have the most significant factor in arresting the spread of FMDv (outside their obnoxious pre-emptive culling) being hindered by abject dithering, but Blair at a stroke overrides his Cabinet with the pathetic National ID scam which will cost £3 BILLION.
Mr Blair said political objections had been removed and the only obstacle now was technical. He made clear he wanted the project to "move forward" as soon as it was feasible.................  He risked antagonising civil rights campaigners by claiming they no longer objected to the idea, which would see each citizen required to buy a computer-readable card that would record personal details................  It would include biometric information such as iris prints, fingerprints or facial recognition about the holder, and would cost £77 with a passport or £73 with a driving licence.

Information would be stored in a central identity register in a £3 billion scheme that would cover 4.5 million foreign nationals resident in Britain. Mr Blair said: "It is perfectly obvious why we are having to do this because we want to protect our people against terrorism and we are protecting the Muslim population."

This wilful failure to protect UK farming, by simple measures, is cast aside to protect the above who have sod all to do with farming.

To remind the occupant of No10 - FMD cost the UK purse £20 BILLION and 60 farmers lives; get a bloody grip Tony and sort this FMD Emergency Vaccination mind-jam out.

Captain Bryn Wayt