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Mona writes,

"As a horse owner there are a couple of points in the draft consultation that I am not comfortable with.

Page 20

Excuse me-----and whose horses/ponies will these experiments be carried out on!

DEFRA respnse to FAWC report (new window - pdf file - click only once)

Recommendation 78 (Para 267):

Government should fund research into the welfare implications of difficult-to-handle horses being accompanied by another, calmer horse during slaughter.


Do not accept. There is already sufficient evidence that hard to handle horses react better when accompanied into the slaughterhouse by another calmer horse.

However, the Government will be commissioning research into the slaughtering of horses within sight of others. If this does not cause the animal unnecessary stress, WASK will be amended to allow the slaughter of horses within sight others, as is currently allowed for other species.

Recommendation 79 (Para 268):

If a stunning method were to be used during the slaughter of horses then Government should provide guidance on maximum stun to stick time.


Accept. Should slaughterhouses currently dealing with horses choose to use captive bolt stunning rather than killing with the use of a free bullet, the Government would investigate appropriate stun to stick times and provide guidance.