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The Iraqi Ambassador says that there will NOT be a blood bath. Nor will their be a civil war. But with the ignorant Yanks on a Turkey Shoot, how can it be avoided ?

US offensive to 'pacify' Falluja  US troops have launched a big offensive against Iraqi insurgents in the Sunni flashpoint town of Falluja. 
"It's an extended operation. We want to make a very precise approach to this. ... We are looking for the bad guys in town."  

( I think this is yank for , "we are trying to win hearts and minds" )

Rather than go in with guns blazing. The Brits went in for a chat.
Supporters of a radical Shia cleric have ended their occupation of the governor's building in Basra, the Iraqi city under the control of UK forces. 

The British commander in the area, Brigadier Nick Carter of the 20 Armoured Brigade, said he was satisfied the protest had ended peacefully.

"One of the things we're trying to do here is encourage freedom of expression, and if they can come together and do it in that fashion then I think that's a very positive result."

What a difference eh ?