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.....there is such a lot to bring to public attention. This country is a very lawless place now. Law means little to these people in power and as a lawyer he seemed very concerned indeed about the way in which they change the law to suit.

Well I have gone through list again and have taken out some IPs for you Mary. I seem to have lost one of them. They are either listed as LWDS or started out as that because the welfare issues have been withdrawn. I'll check again but here are a few:

IP 491 Hereford -Welsh border, no tests; (listed as LWDS)
IP 811 Hereford and Worcs, NEG; (listed as LWDS)
IP 867 Hereford-Welsh border, LWDS withdrawn, NEG;
IP 978 Carlisle, no tests; (listed as LWDS)
IP 1203 Devon, LWDS withdrawn, NEG;
IP 1878 Cumbria, no tests; (listed as LWDS)

I'll let you know if I find more in the list. I agree, it cannot have been simply incompetence. I do believe they wanted to try and gain as many 3km areas as possible, by whatever means possible. Something like that almost happened not too far from us.