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Dear Mary,

What a disgrace this man is. In Aug 2001 Lord Haskins told British farmers that they were 'mollycoddled' by subsidies (forgetting to tell us, of course, that he and his farming family collected 60,000 of subs a year!) and now here he is stating crop loss to be of more significance than the loss of 8 million animals of which 90% were healthy.

Compensation was not paid to farmers. Compulsory Purchase was paid for animals to farmers many of whom would have preferred a vaccination programme to allow their animals to live.

I am just so frustrated that yet again the NFU is impotent in countering Lord Haskins' ridiculous statement.

It would appear Lord Haskins only feels trauma when he is personally hit in the pocket. This is the same man that told us to become 'efficient' and that small could not be and we had to learn to trade globally. Now of course he is learning what that will really mean.