North East No Campaign
2nd August 2004
North East Elected Regional Assembly Referendum Affects You
On 4th November, 2004, a referendum is taking place in the North East of England the consequences of which will have national implications.
However, the issue has barely registered in the rest of the country, the national press and media choosing to treat it as a 'regional' issue.
The three main pillars of 'further political integration' with the EU are Economic and Monetary Union, the Constitution and Regionalisation, but the latter is frequently and conveniently overlooked.
The referendum is for the North East to have an Elected Regional Assembly will further the break-up of the United Kingdom if a Yes vote is achieved.
If the North East falls, then a domino effect will take place with Yorkshire and the North West following (currently 'postponed' because the Government currently faces certain defeat there). Should the North East fall, then pressure will be placed on the other two Northern regions to vote Yes. Over time, the rest of the country will follow using the same arguments.
"The Europe of Regions is a cornerstone for the political integration of Europe...The Committee...views European integration as a political project for the whole of Europe."
EU's Committee of the Regions.
Robin Cook has spoken of a "Europe of Regions" - and these regions do not respect national boundaries.
The North East No Campaign has been set up on similar lines to the successful Referendum04 and that is as a 'Peoples Coalition,' drawing together people and organisations from across the socio-political spectrum. A non / cross party coalition. An umbrella coalition to achieve a common aim. A 'NO' vote.
To date we have provided the 'No' voice despite being massively disadvantaged in terms of funding and resource, and thanks to the efforts of many volunteers in the Northern regions we have turned Prescott's Plans on its head. He is left with one last roll of the dice and it is imperative that it is defeated and Regionalisation kicked into the same long grass as the Euro.
However, the stakes are now raised even higher therefore with the North East being the only battleground left. All the Government and Yes Campaigners' resource will be thrown this way, both in terms of money and effort.
We must not lose, but we do need support to achieve the victory.
To all who were involved in Referendum04's Campaign, in whatever capacity; either financially, networking, fund-raising, letter writing, leafleting or even just  part of an electronic campaign, we proved that what started with Blair denying a referendum on the European Constitution and odds stacked against, it ended up with us achieving our stated goal.
Together, we forced him to concede to that referendum.
How You Can Help
The Campaign to say No requires funding for literature, advertising, broadcasts as well as office and administrative expenses.
Cheques can be made payable to:-
North East No Campaign
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Many thanks
Neil Herron
Campaign Director
North East No Campaign
48 Frederick Street
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