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Dec 10 2004

An abattoir in Carlisle was closed on Dec 10 because of a "case of foot and mouth" It was in fact ORF.

Mind you, during the FMD disaster of 2001, Defra would not have allowed a proper investigation and hundreds of healthy animals would have been butchered.

Of such cases, the worst was the identification of FMD by a Spanish vet (already famous for her lack of English and the question about Herdwick sheep "what sort of goats are these?). Whilst driving past a farm she "saw a positive case of FMD".( from the car window??)

All the sheep were subsequently butchered.

The farmer mentioned that his cattle were "away" being farmed for more than a year by a friend working 12 miles away. He had not been near them. The ever-cautious Defra butchered all of these cattle and all of the host farmer`s stock as well.

And the post-mortem result on the sheep...... yes, you`ve guessed it...........orf.

( Oh sorry, final analysis was the after effects of eating nettles.)

Why is it that Defra find they are mistrusted?