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re... the free range pigs who must not range freely

an email (Dec 15 2004) from Germany

"Oh yes, it's a brave new world. Wonder when we will be banned from keeping cattle outside? It is already claimed by our NFU that the people that keep animals outside pose a risk to the export status (diseasewise) of the country.

My brother in law kept pigs a couple of years ago. The sows used to farrow in the woods close to the farm and it was always somewhat difficult to get hold of the lot. Pigs are far too intelligent and it needs a good electric fence to stop them from wandering around. On the other hand, the piglets had a lot of fun and learned to get back to the yard for feeding. They were happy and healthy and I can't remember there were any problems - except tourists being frightened to death by a group of teenies trying to get through their lunchboxes.

Another problem was to stop the boars from escaping but as far as I can recall there was never any serious problem. They all came back home for feeding time.

Ramblers and mountain bikers are far more dangerous than the odd pig enjoying a walk through the village....

Best wishes from the coldest place (-8 C tonight) in Europe