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Well, the recommendations from the Brussels conference seem to be a step in the right direction

but it seems to me that the most obvious answer to stop the possible spread of animal disease is to control the movement of LIVE animals.

I would suggest that the next step is to ban all import and export of LIVE animals for human and pet consumption.

Also, re-introduce more local well managed and welfare conscious abattoirs. Thereby eliminating the possible spread of disease around the UK ( as seen in 2001 )

These measures would also eliminate obvious suffering of animals during and after long distances travelled en-route for slaughter in the UK, Europe AND beyond. Live animals for breeding purposes, pets etc. to be given special licences and humane transport and stopovers.

The Government and its agencies must also throw more money at local Government to employ proper inspectors to flush out rogue traders in the illegal meat trade and empower them with new laws with stiffer sentences.