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December 31 2004


You are right. Michael summed it up for us. Just where is this sodding Government of ours ?

They can spend billions dropping bombs on innocents but when it comes to a disaster of Biblical proportions ? They remain on Holiday and silence prevails.

Thank God for the Aid agencies and the reaction of the British public whose compassionate response has now made our beloved leaders raise their money. We don`t need Governments.Take whatever pittances they deem to offer and then keep them out of it. Let the Aid agencies distribute and sort out the mess. In a lot of instances they are already there anyway and know precisely where the real need is. Let Governments in and you will end up with a typical mess.

Was delighted today. Along with millions of others, we had a clothing sort-out this morning. T-shirts, shorts, towels and all sorts of things. Then thought " well, where do we take them ? " Tricia came back with Pedro from a run with his chums. Problem solved. Black sacks of stuff thrown in the car, then a tour round Pedro`s chums houses to pick up more and off to Lechlade.

A pub there had advertised on the local radio that he was collecting light clothing and anything that people could find. We were directed round the back to an old barn like structure where a chap was holding open the doors. Well, the building was almost full. An Alladin's cave of clothing, towels, plastic sheeting, cans of food, plastic water bottles and childrens TOYS ! All destined for Sri Lanka.

One man did that. He lived in Sri Lanka for a few years and still has contacts. Through them he knows exactly what and where it is needed. He runs a pub. He spread the word which got onto local radio and the people responded. Handsomely. He is amazed. He thought he would only need one lorry, now he needs at least three to take the stuff to the airport. ONE days work.

The British people are great ! While our lazy and selfish government sleeps, the people are getting on with it by blocking the websites and telephone lines donating money. Stay asleep Blair. You are not needed !

All the best for the New Year Mary.

Roger. xxx