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".... these animals have been kindly reared and humanely killed .."

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall  is a star. I watch him on the telly. Brilliant. What a character.
Our son likes to cook and because of my groans of supermarkets he now supports me in buying meat and veg. locally, so I`ve purchased Hugh`s book on Meat for a Xmas pressie for him, so I can read it as well.
He was on telly recently with another chef who is a veggie but misses meat and wanted to be convinced that small farms reared their animals caringly and slaughter was quick and humane.
So, the veggie chef ( who had tears in his eyes through most of it) went to a farm, selected an animal for slaughter and travelled with it to one of the few small slaughterhouses an hours drive from the farm.  Watched it bedded down for the night and then, first thing in the morning watched the whole slaughtering process. I didn't know whether I could watch that bit but was pleased that I did as I`ve always wondered how these people like Alan and Rosie can get to really know these animals, send them off to be killed and then eat them.
However, you saw the whole process. Believe me, it was all so quick and humane the animal didn't know a thing.
Then back to the studio with Hugh going on about factory farming and the rubbish you get in supermarkets, the distances travelled, what they are fed on etc. etc.
 Battery hens, the lot.
I hope millions watched it. It certainly did me some good as, like you, Ive tried the veggie bit, but if I can sell to myself the fact that these animals have been kindly reared and humanely killed I'm ok and I'm looking forward to a Sunday roast of fore-rib of beef from a mature free range animal again, aren`t you ?
His website is.   have a browse, some good links in there as well.