Dear Mary.

We are told that the EU is refusing to fund its share of the FMD bill. Could this be because the ABPO 1999, which governed swill feeding in the UK, contravened EU Directive 80/217/EEC?

It was this contravention that allowed Bobby Waugh to take his swill to the neighbouring pig farm for cooking and then return it home for feeding to his own pigs.

If MAFF had implemented the EU Directive, Bobby Waugh would not have been able to feed swill and the UK would have been spared FMD.

I think we can understand why we were denied a Public Inquiry.

Robert Persey

warmwell note

In January 2001 DEFRA guidelines to local authorities suggested that composting animal by-products was not normally permitted. This interpretation of the Animal By-Products Oder (ABPO) 1999 seemed to be based on misunderstanding of in-vessel composting but before that could be ironed out, the foot and mouth epidemic struck UK.

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