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Email from Cumbria Feb 28 2004

"Here in Cumbria sea birds and other creatures are dying in their thousands. Bird experts say they are dying from a botulism bacteria.. probably caused by eating infected foodstuffs ..

Some commentators are saying this is contamination from underground seepage from foot and mouth burial pits. Defra deny this...( They would...wouldn't they!) So why are they dying in thousands.. like they have never done before?

Most of us ordinary folk do not believe a word from this lying deceiving bunch in Government. They have insulted and pilloried poor Dr Kelly who then killed himself. They are concocting lies about the researcher who identified a link between MMR and Autism by saying he has no evidence to support his allegations. How about thousands of disabled children Mr Blair...They are the evidence!

They bombed Saddam killing thousands of innocent civilians - although Saddam hasn't harmed any westerner (I admit he may have done some time in the future - but not near future) when Robert Mugabe has killed thousands of hard working farmers without even saying 'Boo' to him.

Clare Short is lying about the phone taps...Alistair Campbell is a Saint (Hokum!) etc etc etc...

I could go on and on and be so boring....

Trust and Honesty in Government has ceased to exist for me...Oh I forgot...Someone (three guesses) says our Tony is on par with Winston Churchill... The biggest lie of the lot! Blair is not fit to lick Winston's boots.

Take care...."