Dear Mary.

I must say that I find it very strange that you have to defend or explain as to what warmwell is all about. I'd have thought it pretty obvious but you answered very well.

I remember a few months ago, Alan at Smallholders was asked WHY there was still so much discussion about FMD in his very own newsletters,and had to react.

Most of us I think, at the beginning of FMD, were trusting what we were being told by the media and the Government. Things then began to become suspicious and those of us with enquiring minds searched the internet to try and find the truth.

We then found each other in various groups which then bonded together to fight to stop the carnage. We found that all the stuff the Government put out was a pack of lies. The distorted figures and information. Again the WRONG information and science was used for their own political ends. Shall not go on but apart from all those millions animals that were murdered unnecessarily, people were also terrorised into suicide by their own countrymen working for the Government.

So disgusted were we then, I for one vowed that if ever that situation arose again, not just in animal welfare but in human rights or anything else that was being abused by any Government, Corporation or the EU or whatever I would have a voice.

Thank goodness for the internet, Channel4 news, Newsnight and a few others. But mostly, thank you warmwell for being there where we can share and learn from others about those things that concern us deeply.

We now have a voice.

Your friend summed it up pretty well with his/her comments of admiration of Channel4. And so say all of us.