So Anderson has received his reward for fixing FMD for Tony Blair. If only the true facts about how few animals were ever confirmed positive with FMD had had the public scrutiny it deserved perhaps Roy Anderson might be seen differently - or have not been heard of again.

It is staggering that yet again the truth has been obscured - and despite the clamourings of the last week over the Hutton whitewash - there will be no redress there. In the end we will all be the losers - because democracy cannot exist when we no longer trust the politicians and their advisers - but as long as we have the miscarriages of the Anderson FMD Inquiry - and now the Hutton Inquiry - this slide into chaos will continue.

Only about 60% of the population voted at the last election I gather. If this drops below 50% perhaps it will finally dawn on those in Government (let alone the elected party) that it has lost the support of the majority of the electorate.

But as long as it is not prepared to hear and listen to its critics and bring integrity and honesty to its debates but instead continues with manifest self belief then sooner rather than later the day of reckoning will be upon them.

Anderson is just another nail in the coffin.