I was shocked to read of Michael's ordeal

and so, so happy to hear that he was acquitted. Anyone who has ever spoken to Michael will know that he is as honest as the day is long and it is truly disgusting the way he has been treated. DEFRA is a blight on our countryside and the majority of people who work for it seem to lack honesty, compassion and commonsense. How can that be?

After the slaughter of his animals and the way he was treated by vets during FMD, Michael suffered dreadfully from depression and found it hard to pick himself up again. As you know, I helped him write a complaint to the RCVS, but all to no avail, needless to say. This recent business must have knocked him for six all over again, with all the stress and worry of a court case. I'm going to send him some flowers and a card tomorrow. At least he's been cleared! Hooray!

From warmwell's front page for January 7 and 9 2004

Jan 9 ~ "put through hell"

Jan 7 ~ "This was a heavy handed prosecution by Defra of a farmer struggling to cope with the foot and mouth epidemic."