FMD and taxpayers' money

I would like to add to this article which you had on Warmwell :

I have received from my MP Paul Tyler, a copy of a letter which I've added below, from Margaret Beckett. I am unable to reply to it for the simple reason that I am no longer strong enough mentally or physically to enter into a battle on my own, against the mighty and evil powers of Defra.

In April 2001, I took a stand against MAFF and refused to allow them to enter my property to carry out cleansing. I refused to allow the same men who were in the slaughter crew, back onto my farm everyday for ten weeks to carry out a totally pointless and bizarre cleansing ritual, in which half of our farm buildings would have been demolished.

Our farm was contiguous. We did not have FMD. 15 other farms contiguous to the IP ( which was never confirmed by a blood test), were left un-culled and obviously were not cleansed.

Because I refused to allow the cleansing to be carried out, and because I could not cope with having the same men who murdered my animals.............who shot my ewes while they were giving birth, to return onto my farm, I withstood twelve months of living under first an illegal Form A, then the far more severe Form 37B.

MAFF were so determined to enter our farm to carry out this cleansing, which would have cost the tax payer £30,000, that threats were made by Cornwall DVM, Jan Kelly and other senior vets, to "seize" my pet dogs and two horses. Threats were also made to leave the whole of Cornwall on an "At Risk" status for FMD until we allowed the cleansing team onto our farm. We received a further threat from a MAFF vet telling us that he would make sure our neighbours knew that we were the cause of them remaining on Form D's, and that we should be careful that our thirteen year old son was kept safe from any retribution which might follow from so-called angry neighbours.

Seven months after the culling of our healthy animals, Fred Landeg sent us a seven page letter telling us that our farm was still highly infectious and that we would have to remain on a Form A for a further five months, despite the fact that the other 15 contiguous farms had never been culled. We were told by Jan Kelly that unless we allowed the cleansing crew onto the farm we would remain on a Form A "indefinitely" and that we could rot for all she cared.

MAFF did however, cleanse a contiguous pig farm, where they culled 2800 pigs - at a cost of approximately £420,000 to the tax payer.

Jan Kelly chose to leave 200 sows plus 200 suckler cows un-culled on the same farm. She then authorised ten weeks of cleansing to be carried out on one set of buildings, then moved the sows and cattle from the uncleansed buildings into the clean ones, and proceeded to clean the old buildings, allowing these so-called "highly infectious contiguous cattle and pigs" to transfer disease from the dirty buildings, straight into the newly cleansed ones.

This highly amusing little experiment on disease control management cost the tax payer a further £30,000 !

£100,000 was spent on cleansing the unconfirmed IP, where the entire farm was dismantled, old buildings demolished and replaced with new ones, again all at the tax payers expense, on a farm which was never actually confirmed as having had FMD in the first place.

This was just the cost of one "outbreak" in one village.

The British tax payer and the countryside should be protected from DEFRA and the idiots, bullies and liars who run her.

Didi Phillips
Higher Fonstone Farm