".... strengthening the Cabinet Office"

If an English Prime Minister cannot get through a few sentences without that dumb, inept, uneducated,
"I mean" phrase creeping in all the time, then we have no hope with Brian Bender's incentivising lump word.
However I have a theory for Bender's English; look how many jobs he was "responsible" for in 1998 alone - and of course his ponderous progression through MAFF/DEFRA - you would need to be a little incentivising to keep up the excuses for holding so many silly red-tape jobs. Note well the preamble prior to reading anything about the subject!
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CAB 201/98 12 October 1998


There have been three appointments to newly-created posts in the Cabinet Office. These appointments are part of the process of strengthening the Cabinet Office as a result of the changes announced by the Prime Minister in July.

The new appointments are as follows:

* Brian Bender, at present Head of the European Secretariat, will be Head of Public Service Delivery.
He will be responsible for
the Better Regulation Unit,
the Efficiency and Effectiveness Group,
the Service First Unit,
the Central Information Technology Unit
and the Better Government Team.
Of the BRU the Press Release said...........

Better Regulation is an integral part of the "Better Government" initiative which is a unified programme for the renewal of government. The Government is committed to giving small business a greater voice on the Better Regulation Task Force which is to be chaired by Christopher Haskins. Practical measures will be introduced, for example the "Access Business" cross departmental initiative which will use IT to draw together regulatory advice and forms into a simpler, more unified service for business. Improvements will also be identified for key groups including the elderly, the young and the voluntary sector. A Better Regulation European Presidency event is being planned for March 1998.

Issued by : Press Office,  Cabinet Office,  70 Whitehall.  London SW1A 2AS