What Hutton won't tell you


Published: 21-Jan-2004 By: Channel 4

As the Hutton report is published, the actions of the government once again come under minute scrutiny.

Dispatches journalist Sam Kiley investigates how intelligence information was used and abused to persuade sceptical publics on both sides of the Atlantic of the case for war.

Former ministers Robin Cook and Clare Short outline with devastating simplicity their opposition to the conflict, based on the secret intelligence they saw while in government.

The voices of dissent and scepticism are increasing on both sides of the Atlantic, as witnessed by the contributions of some of America's top intelligence experts, who cast doubt on the findings of the British intelligence dossiers and the work of the US intelligence agencies.

Meanwhile, Bush advisor Richard Perledefends the ways in which the case against Saddam was built using questionable intelligence. One by one the central planks of the intelligence argument (the Al Qaeda link, WMDs, mobile factories, the 45-minute launch capability, the nuclear question) used to justify war are dismantled and shown to be suspect.

More and more experts, including politicians, intelligence officials and weapons inspectors, are suggesting that facts and figures were massaged, cherry-picked and even falsified in a desperate attempt to justify the unjustifiable. It was the first war where secret intelligence was made public to show the need for conflict.

The film asks if the damage done to the intelligence services and the politicians who helped them can ever be repaired?

"Dispatches: What Hutton Won't Tell You" is on Channel 4 on Friday 23rd Jan, 2004 at 7.30pm