Jan 26 2004

Yes. I think we are all silenced by the scenes yet again of the eradication of an animal disease caused by intensive farming.

I must admit that I've been so sickened that I've been unable to watch it on the news. However, I did see the scenes again last night on Channel 4 news. A chicken in absolute agony whose whole body was twitching and writhing by the side of the road.
The shots of hens being stuffed into those bags alive. The bags then being tossed to one side like sacks of potatoes except that the contents were alive and heaving. There was a close up of a hens head protruding through a hole in the sack gasping for air.
I thought that this was the unfortunate one as its fellows inside were either already dead or suffocating.
With that I swiched Channels, uttering obcenities at the human race.
(Today we learn that another obscene example of the human race, Mr.I- will- take -advice -from-anyone Nick Brown has, at the 11th hour, decided to go with Blair on tuition fees. Proving he is a coward yet again. He has been promised Hoon's job I expect.)
Passed by Dr. Kelly's house today on the way to Oxford. It was surrounded by police. Spoke to a customer nearby who said that the TV and press have been there but nobody lives there anymore.
I'm afraid that until Man becomes humane to Man, animals do not stand a chance of being treated properly.
Should'nt let it get me down but it does. I cannot see any future in compassion and kindness. So sad.