Max Hastings in the Daily Mail

" Hutton's report does a great disservice to the British people. It fails to set its story in the context of the BBC's huge virtues and the Government's sore vices. We're faced with the wretched spectacle of the BBC chairman resigning while Alistair Campbell crows from the summit of his dunghill. Does this verdict, my lord, serve the real interest of truth?... "

"...Mr. Blair presides over a Government that has raised leaking to an Olympic sport."

" A Martian reading Hutton might suppose that Alistair Campbell was a parfit gentil knight......."

"....The greatest charge of all ignored by Hutton, is that of procuring a War by deceit. It will remain on the file until the next General Election, when the case will be heard by the British people. They may prove more sceptical and worldly judges of their political leaders than Lord Hutton."