BSE. The biggest misdirection of resources in peacetime British History?

Now in North America.

The government of the day, lacking knowledge of BSE took, rightly, the most extreme action. It can now be seen from the accumulated statistics that the spread of BSE had nothing to do with meatmeal intake. In fact there is a close relationship between the price of wheat in the UK, and the incidence of BSE.

When the price rose rapidly due in part to the devaluation of the pound, so did cases of BSE.

Almost to the tick of the clock that prices peaked so did BSE.

As prices fell so did BSE in a mirror image of the increases. Each and every year during the epidemic, every spring when grass replaced mixed feed, cases of BSE fell.

It would appear that these wheat substitutes poisoned British cattle.

There is a prime suspect combination that was specifically fed in the UK from the early eighties onwards, and to a much lesser extent to the present day. There has never been found any infectious link back, in the UK, Japan or anywhere else... because there is not one.

If Cambridge professors can question whether new cases of BSE are coming from infected feed it is a small step to ask: was INFECTED feed ever involved? Statisticians rightly concluded that BSE was spread by feed , it was an assumption , infact a guess, that this meant infected feed.

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