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Key points: the spending review

Monday July 12, 2004

The Guardian

Civil service
84,150 civil service jobs to be cut
20,030 civil service jobs will be relocated out of the south-east
Another 20,000 civil service posts to go in the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
Total efficiency savings of 20bn by 2008

National security
Rise from 950m in 2001 to 1.5bn in 2004
2.1bn by 2007/8

Rise from 29.7bn to 33.4bn by 2007/8
1.4% rise for defence

Iraq and Afghanistan
4.4bn already spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Overseas aid
Aid increased from 450m in 1997 to 1.25bn in 2007/8
Overall 150% increase in overseas aid budget
Department for international development budget to rise from 3.8bn this year to 5.3bn by 2008
Spending on HIV/Aids to total 1.5bn over next three years

Rise to 12.8bn by 2007/8
4.5% per year increase

Rise from 5.9bn to 7.2bn by 2007/8
4.1% increase
Cash investment in housing has doubled since 1997
50% increase by 2008 in social housing

Social services
Spending will rise from 10.6bn in 2004 to 12.5bn in 2007/8

Government funding for science to rise from 3.9bn now to 5bn by 2008, an average annual real-terms rise of 5.8%

Pensioners to get an additional 140m to help insulate and heat their homes

Rise from 63bn in 2004 to 77bn by 2007/8
5.2% per year rise in education spending

Rise from 69bn in 2004 to 92bn by 2007/8
7.1% rise in health spending

120,000 more childcare places by 2008
100m on children's centres
2,500 childcare centres by 2008
Pilot scheme to extend nursery education to two-year-olds

Home Office
David Blunkett's budget will rise from 12.7bn this year to 14.9bn by 2007/8
30m fund to support victims of crime
20,000 community support and neighbourhood officers by 2008

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Budget for Defra to rise from 3.2bn to 3.5bn to aid rural economy

Budget for Culture Department to increase from 1.4bn to 1.6bn, a real-terms average annual rise of 2.3%

World Service budget rises from 225m to 252m by 2007/8
British Council rises to 197m
Foreign Office budget rises from 1.5bn to 1.6bn

Sale of assets
Government hopes to raise 30bn by 2010 from the sale of property and land

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