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The case for war was sexed's official:
The conclusion of today's Butler report is simply that where there were doubts, qualifications, explanations for a piece of intelligence, they were never presented to the British public.

Its' a damning report and Lord Butler himself, who perhaps otherwise seemed to 'sex down' his findings, stated that there was collective responsibility for the intelligence failings. Tony Blair says he accepts responsibility, but that he was right anyway. So the intelligence upon which we waged a pre-emptive action was wrong.

Lord Butler himself was at the very top of the Mandarin tree before his resignation and remains there tonight, not one of his mandarin fruit has been bruised by his deft weaving of fault and no fault, though his team found such fault with the new head of M16 John Scarlett that they have had to plead for his continuance.

British establishment in full bore.  Forget that people died for these 'mistakes' and 'misjudgments'. That was never mentioned today. More at:

Everyone survives. Only Dyke and Davies of the BBC had to go. Shoot the messenger. The rest ride out to fight again. The full monty at seven. What indeed would Monty have made of it? Biggest failure in the 'cousi belli' since Suez? Well hang on, even then, Nasser had actually seized the Suez Canal!