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For those of us who had no interest in politics at all...

... isn't it amazing how the events of FMD and 2001 changed all that?

For those of us who were with you from the start, we keep getting the same recurring theme. Nobody has the guts to take the blame for anything. The question is, who can we trust when govt is so corrupt? It just shows that for most of my life I really didn't care - until they killed my animals.

Its a funny old World, and it gets more corrupted by the day.

Glad to see that Mark Purdey has the strength and resilience to keep going. The truth must come out one day about scrapie ,BSE and FMD.

I read this site every day whereever I am on my travels. It has been a mine of information from its inception, and I can only thank you ...

Michael Keeler
Hilltop Llamas
Capernwray Lancs