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July 26 2004


Please do put this up on Warmwell.
My whole day has been ruined.
I received a letter from SEERAD Ayr asking for my co-operation in the above
survey as my sheep flock has been selected this year.

Excuse ME
They murdered my sheep flock in 2001......

I have not re-stocked--'they' know this......
'They' have taken away my quota....
'They' have not written to me for 2 years......
Neither have I written to 'them'......
The 'random'?? selection is done at Page Street--I was informed by an
apologetic young lady at Ayr---she said, I think their records are not up to date as
this mistake is not the first time this has happened.

Why do 'they' make us fill in forms if 'they' do not read/record the

VERY VERY UPSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought I had filed 'it' away but it's all back!!

We were going to ride at Kirkcudbright Riding of the Marches tonight but I
wasn't fit to drive never mind ride in parades to support a Cornet and his Lass I
have known since they were small children.

After all the fuss over cattle passports and a million animals 'missing'

Then the fuss over ear-tagging sheep, what is the point of all the paper work?
Unfortunately Ive ditched a lot of my paper work so can't find the letter telling me my quota had been withdrawn for the date but have had no correspondence from them whatsoever for a long time until Friday's letter.

I thought I had 'filed' everything, although can still shed a tear walking my field--my sheep were tame enough to come and raid my pockets, everything just flooded back on opening the letter.

The SEERAD Ayr telephonist and Animal Health Officer she passed me over to did sound genuinely sorry I had been upset--yes I did cry down the phone and I have had a pretty awful weekend.
Thanks Mary it's good to know that others dont feel I'm neurotic.

Some of the farmers seem to have pulled through it all so well.

A farm  near Moffat...  the 2000 Highland Show Champion went on the fire, now have equally fantastic stock in the fields and held 'Scotsheep' 2004 on their farm.

My neighbour here however I think is depressed --he avoids me like the plague and sends his wife instead to talk to me.  Before and during FMD we had a good working relationship--I watched a field of ewes lambing next to my house for him and phoned his mobile if anything needed help

Other farming friends are close to a marriage break up and others have broken up, not necessarily all FMD but enough to tip over the edge.

It is difficult  to assess how much damage was done to people as farmers by way of life tend to be fairly private but I have met a number of couples who have aged much more than I would have expected