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Kids for Kids


Kids for Kids is a charity set up to help children help themselves, children who live in one of the world's poorest areas, Darfur in the Sudan, an area still tom apart by 40 years of civil war. Where these children live there are no roads, no electricity, no telephones and little access to health care or education. When the rains fail so does this fragile economy, forcing children to walk miles for water. KIDS FOR KIDS is working with the community to prevent this.
Extensive research programmes monitor local conditions and are used to alert Government and the International Community but its warnings are too often ignored, or acted on too late to avert disaster, as in the case of Darfur, Sudan. Warnings of food shortage regularly fall on deaf ears and by the time food does get through many children suffer severe malnutrition which means that a supplementary feeding programme has then to be started that costs an enormous amount to the International community. In 2001 this was an additional one million pounds. Here is a project with achievable and sustainable goals that genuinely benefits children and involves wonderful goats! Their aim is to support projects which are long lasting, self sustaining and community led

Revolving Goat Project
6 goats are lent to a family for 2 years - providing milk for the children, and their kids produced are their own and form the nucleus of a little herd. Local people are trained to man veterinary dispensaries to safeguard the goat's welfare. Our first 6 Paravets have prevented an outbreak of a contagious form of goats' pneumonia.

Children's Goat Committee
Our First Children's Goat Committee has trained in goat care. The children were selected by the village and membership is considered a great honour. Kids for Kids is very proud that Save the Children is proposing this as a model of child participation in the management of community development projects.

Why Goats?
Kids for Kids pilot scheme has identified 200 of the poorest families who are desperately in need of help. To date they funded goats for 120 families and need help to assist the rest. The goats often live over 10 years so have a long productive life. They drink only every other day which makes them viable when water is scarce. Local goats are hardy, essential when the temperatures sore in the summer to over 150 degrees. They are multi coloured, sometimes black, sometimes white, but usually a mixture of chestnut, browns and blacks. Rugs made of goat hair are these natural colours. They can survive when nothing much is growing but to prevent them from roving the children keep them closely herded and all "fields" are surrounded by thorn hedges to keep them safe. Children tend the goats and help them to find food so families prosper if the children do a good job - but education is a priority in Sudan, the success of the goats means that they can pay for schooling. Goats may give 1 litre of milk a day.

Please note that Kids for Kids is not trying to improve the local breed but make what already works in this area available to war torn and hungry families

Goats milk is full of vitamins - A, which prevents blindness, B, B+, C, D, E, potassium, magnesium, folic acid and is rich in carbohydrates, calcium and protein. Particularly in times of drought, as now, it is the only source of these vital elements to keep children healthy. Any excess milk is sold. Often the price of a sack of millet is talked about in the number of goats it is worth.

KIDS FOR KIDS was launched in Khartoum on 8th March 2001 when Patricia Parker MBE, who had been visiting her son Alastair, had seen for herself the conditions in which children were living in North Darfur.
She met on her first visit a young boy who had to walk seven miles, yes seven miles, to collect water for his family and has been involved ever since. "The response to our appeal for help for these children from everyone in Khartoum has been unbelievable. Without this KIDS FOR KIDS would not exist said Patricia. Patricia recently spoke to the Surrey Goat Club about this wonderful charity and Richard Wood, Sue Knowles, Michael Ackroyd and Christine Ball are delighted to respond with an appeal to give significant support to KIDS FOR KIDS.

We would like you to help the British Goat Society raise 2,000 which will supply a water pump to a village and thus secure water, crops, cleanliness among many other benefits for a local community. The pump will be named after the British Goat Society thus ensuring continued interest and feedback on this wonderful and essential project.

Any additional contributions will be used to contribute to the goat lending scheme (56 per family)

If this appeal goes as well as we hope we may try and support veterinary training also.

Please send your contribution, no matter how small or large to:
Christine Ball, Orchard Cottage, Befcote Lane, Gnosall, Staffs, ST20 OEB.
Cheques should be made payable to British Goat Society.


Kids 4 Kids is a registered charity No: 1100045