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Dear Supporter

FARM board members Peter Lundgren and John Turner, along with FARM's assistant co-ordinator Robert Alderson, will be peacefully demonstrating outside the Tesco stand at the Royal show on Monday 5th July to protest the low prices paid to dairy farmers and Tesco's failure to ensure that their producers get a fair share of the profits in the milk chain.

Farmers will be wearing our striking "Tesco value farmer" t-shirts that highlight the average 2.90/hr wage that dairy farmers have been receiving for the past 7 years. We have placards demonstrating the difference in farmer profits versus Tesco profits, and plenty of leaflets, so if you are available come help us!

Any support from our members will be greatly appreciated - following our successful and well-received demonstration at Tesco's AGM two weeks ago, we feel this is a strong message that needs spreading.

If you would like to join in, please respond to Peter Lundgren:
phone 01526 398309 / 07751 112303

Thanks from all at FARM.