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Look at this cutting from page 2 of the Telegraph, dated Friday 25th June 2004.
Next week Defra are staging an FMD Simulation - I wonder if FMD Compensation arguments enter the frame.
I am spitting mad at the disgraceful comparison that Bradshaw dares to equate FMD slaughter compensation to that of "sudden oak death" and plant growers facing "ruin". 
How many plant growers committed suicide because of the Jack-Boot tactics of MAFF/Defra during FMD 2001?   How many oak trees had cruelty inflicted upon them, and felled when proven healthy?
How many stinking pyres and rotting hulks of trees has there been through this minimal "sudden oak death"?
Bradshaw dares mention it is, "fundamentally unfair" that farmers were compensated and "plant growers" were not - let us remind this suited pen-pusher it was his lunatic government department that slaughtered more than 10 million animals of which less than 13% were proven infected with FMD. 
It was HIS government that did the unnecessary, slaughtering therefore causing the avalanche of rightful claims.
It was HIS department that were to blame, not the farmers. 
It is enshrined in EU legislation that compensation shall be give for such animal losses.  How has he managed to circumvent EU legislation and secretly devised a levy for FMD compensation?   I hope the farming press and farmers write to him and ask what the devil he is playing at.
How come he has not consulted any "Stakeholders" and gone through the usual mind numbing "consultation process" before he announces a ludicrous levy scheme in the autumn?  
Like Mr Blunkett demanding the resignation of a senior policemen, we should be demanding the resignation of greater fools who don't listen or care.
What will this minute man come up with next; compensation for crop circles or the dung-beetle?
Captain Bryn Wayt