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Dear Mary,
I read this late last night on Warmwell..................and got VERY upset !
"Each of the 2,026 FMD cases was subjected to a detailed clinical and epidemiological investigation. ..."
is the claim in DEFRA's Origin of the UK Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic in 2001" What did Mr Scudamore mean by "each of the 2026 FMD cases"? In their Jan 2002 submission to the EU for the resumption of Disease Free Status, DEFRA appears to make the same claim - i.e. that it had tested all Infected Premises.
This story is so insulting.............yet more lies from DEFRA.   It's so very personal to Nick and me ..............and to our neighbours, the Medlands,  who also lost their cattle in the contiguous cull.
On the day of the culling,  we were both told that our animals would be blood tested,  and then found out after weeks of telephoning the Animal Health Department in Truro,  that no tests had been even taken in the first place. 
We had both been lied to by the MAFF vets David Fields and Sue Potter,  who slaughtered our animals.
It was at this point that the true horror of what had happened really hit home.  
Up until then we had all thought that there was a serious risk of firstly having fmd,  and secondly spreading the disease on further to neighbouring farms -  because that was what the vets had told us on the day of the slaughter.  
When we found out that no blood tests had in fact been taken,  we both knew that we had been used and lied to ....................that our animals had been slaughtered for no veterinary,  animal health or scientific reason whatsoever.
We didn't find out until a year later,  that the so-called " Infected Premises " to which MAFF felt we were contiguous,  had not even been blood tested either. 
I feel that I would be betraying the memory of my dead cows,  in-lamb ewes and newly born lambs if I just sit here and say nothing and allow such outrageous lies to go unchallenged.
It's so unjust to  have to take lies like this ............. to let DEFRA yet again,  lie about the true horror and crimes which they committed during FMD 2001.
MAFF slaughtered millions of healthy animals and destroyed the lives of thousands of farmers during FMD 2001...............the suffering continues everyday in the communities which MAFF/DEFRA totally decimated............... and what does DEFRA do............ they carrying on lying and make "contingency plans" to repeat the whole nightmare again ! 
best wishes,
Higher Fonstone Farm