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In January 2004, I circulated an email listing some of the FMD outrages that were perpetrated during FMD 2001, particularly relating to the Contiguous Cull inter alia.  I had mentioned excerpts from - as we know honesty stems from that source.
Andrew George MP (Lib Dem Cornwall) was kind enough to follow up and had sent my email to Ben Bradshaw MP (I had him on the original posting, but no matter).
Andrew kindly sent me Bradshaw's reply (on notepaper headed, Minister for Nature Conservation and Fisheries; quiet appropriate as he knows the square root of BA about FMD 2001/farming) which needless to say was a disgraceful concoction of political swill. 
I have not yet replied in detail to the Bradshaw letter of the 16th Feb 2004, but wish to share an interesting new, unvalidated, DEFRA excuse of why 200 pigs on a "Contiguous" cull were spared whilst "the majority" were slaughtered.  No mention of course of the DVM Jan Kelly, who like Jim Dring, has yet to be called to properly account for their strange actions (along with Beckett).
The new Bradshaw epidemiological Law for selective Contiguous Slaughter follows:
"On the advice of the epidemiology team, in order to reduce the possibility of this large population of pigs [4000] becoming infected and disseminating large quantities of FMD virus into the atmosphere, the majority of the pigs were culled.
Some young 'irreplaceable' breeding gilts [200] were allowed to remain was (sic) because the owner's cattle [200] were in close proximity to these pigs, which would then have acted as 'sentinels' - the signs of infection in cattle are relatively much easier to see than in pigs."
So here we have a government in panic, slaughtering out Contiguous premises all over the country in Jack Boot fashion to stop the spread of FMD when a new, unauthorised and illegal modification of the FMD Control Policy (wholesale slaughter as it happened) was introduced at the drop of a hat by the local DVM and sanctioned to this day by top government officials. 
So much for the 24/48 hours policy.  So much for "virus plumes".
So much for the original Emergency Instruction 2001/62/VEXDT dated 26 March 2001, which in para 3 said, "DVM's are now authorised to regard ANY premises meeting the following criteria as a Dangerous Contact:
a) ALL premises with FMD susceptible livestock, that are contiguous to infected premises that was confirmed on or after 16 March 2001 [note the back-dating of this EI].
Three days later (dated 29 March 2001another Emergency Instruction issued to all DVM's cancelled the previous two (2001/69/VExDT and 2001/62/VExDT) and allowed DVM's to reclassify premises under an,
"AUTOMATIC authorisation of Premises as Dangerous Contacts".
Para 4(b) For the purposes of this Emergency Instruction, 'contiguous' is defined as adjoining or next to and includes premises across a road.
Some are considering suing the government as a result of the Dring revelations; some others might want to sue the government for losing their stock, using this "discrimination" precedent and citing Ben Bradshaw's excuse?
DEFRA refusing to attend the Hemispheric FMD Conference in Houston has done them no favours.
Captain Bryn Wayt