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Blair's record at home and abroad

Sir: The Blairites are sinking to new depths of dishonesty. On the one hand they say that anyone who opposes Blair from the left is lining up with the Tories. And on the other hand they accuse opponents of Bush and Blair's war party of helping Bin Laden.

It reminds me of the Cold War years when anyone who put forward anti-capitalist views was accused of being pro-Moscow. Many of us on the left became rather weary of constantly having to repeat that we were opposed both to Western private capitalism and to Stalinist state capitalism.

I refuse to accept that the only alternative to Blair's Tory policies is the Tories' own Tory policies. And I refuse to accept that being opposed to terrorism must mean supporting state terrorism as practised by Blair and George W.

Clitheroe, Lancashire

Sir: Labour opponents of the Iraq war have been urged not to help Michael Howard. I think that those who plunged Britain into an expensive, unlawful, unnecessary war, who lied about its causes and who have no idea of how to deal with its results should bear more responsibility for helping Michael Howard than those who opposed it. Labour supporters should not be blackmailed into supporting a leader who has lost their trust, and that of millions more, and makes no effort to win it back except a public parade of his conscience.


Sir: The Labour Party wants its supporters who opposed the Iraq war nevertheless to support it at the next general election for fear of letting in the Tories. Mr Blair should pack his bags now and leave for his heroic lecture tours in the US, to write his memoirs and to await the judgement of future historians. He should let a new leader emerge in the Labour party who can carry on its undoubted good work in public service provision and who can confront the Tories from the left, rather than the right.

London N5

Sir: Tony Blair is worried that those of us who opposed his illegal war in Iraq might not vote for him. Good! We argued, we marched, we wrote to our MPs, but we were ignored because he knew better. Now we will vote for anyone but him, or not vote at all, unless the Labour Party has the good sense to change its leader in the next 12 months.

London SW9