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The Bull from Oswestry

Being in Australia we did not hear too much about the situation. I have learnt since that it was the most horrendous and disgusting exercise carried out against the farming community in the UK.
I have investigated, through the web, most of the circumstances involving the Waugh brothers and the carry on at Burnside Farm. My conclusion is similar to what is becoming the more prevalent idea about this case and that is the Waugh's were scapegoats and that serious allegations emanating from the Dring Report are fallacious.
Reading your 'Dring Case' page I notice in your "Chronology of Beginning of FMD Outbreak", there is no mention of the bull from Oswestry. In my opinion this bull may have been the true cause of the outbreak at the Cheale abattoir.
16. Old England Farm (outbreak FMD/02) is adjacent to Cheale's
Essex abattoir and was sometimes used as an extension to its
lairage. On Wednesday 14 February a bull from Oswestry entered the
abattoir but was too dirty to slaughter and was removed to Old
England Farm for cleaning.
Old England Farm was visited on 20
February as a dangerous contact to the abattoir. The bull was
identified as an index case on the farm with early clinical disease
and lesions approximately 1 day old. Pigs on the premises were
stated not to be affected.
My problem with this statement is this:
Why would a bull be taken to a slaughterhouse which was predominately an abattoir for pigs which supplied the German sausage market?

Why would a bull be transported all the way across England and be introduced 'dirty' into a pig abattoir?
If the bull was intended to be slaughtered in this abattoir why was it not just taken outside and hosed down?
Why agist the bull in a paddock a mile away for 6 days until it was tested and found positive? 
(The notes from which Norm quotes are from the paper written in June 2002 by Jim Scudamore on behalf of DEFRA. The full paper can be found on warmwell.)