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Here's Smithfield getting their foot in another EU door.........
Smithfield also announce the purchase of a 15% shareholding in Campofrio, the largest meat processor in Spain, and the formation of Smithfield Food Ltd in the United Kingdom aimed at the retail food service business.
Why did they only buy 15%?

Campofrio is Spains largest meat producer.

Campofrio have production plants in Russia, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines and Mexico and production now exceeds 50,000 tonnes annually.

Their new plant at Burgos costing $20 million is now fully operational producing cured products like salami, chorizo and sausage. Continental Fine Foods are Campofrios sole importer in the UK.


When one looks at Continental Fine Foods........... the word "Continental" takes on a new meaning!

If CFF is the sole importer of Campofrio, then we get PEK (Polish) pork imports; who does PEK belong to now? Smithfields Ltd.

POLISH PRODUCTS- PEK - available from stock

1700 Krakowska               		14 days      	5.44 kg box
1701 Wiejska                 		14   "       	5.44 kg box
1702 Tuchowska               		14   "       	5.44 kg box
1705 Sopocka                 		14   "       	5.44 kg box
1711 Kabanos 
The 14 days refers to shelf-life.
Campofrio to buy Polish meat groups.
Eurofood, Dec 3, 1998
Poland's two largest meat groups, Morliny and Ostroleka, have been acquired by the Spanish firm Campofrio for Pta1.97bn (ECU487.6m). ........... Campofrio already has a toehold in eastern Europe via a Romanian processing plant and its Russian unit CampoMos.

So the largest Spanish meat producer buys the two largest Polish meat producers, and then Smithfield Ltd UK is born from the gluttonous giant USA Smithfield acquisitions, which owns 15% of the Spanish giants!   Greedy or what.
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