PLEASE CAN YOU ASSIST ME? asks Elli Logan in Cumbria

During 2001 I attempted to learn quickly about the foot and mouth 'outbreak', and sadly was appalled at what I learned; I subsequently tried to protest against the cull whilst attempting at the same time to alleviate the distress of my sister whose stock were killed in April, the virus having travelled to the farm.

This year I became a student at my local art college. I am wanting to put together a small exhibition in May about the disasters of foot and mouth and especially the perfidy of our 'leaders'; I am hoping to do this as an experiment in collecting images and text messages and notes -and my purpose in this e-mail is to ask you if you have any personal accounts or thoughts that I could share or even pics, I should be enormously grateful for the help and support.

If there is anything you would send I am sure I could learn from it and also try to show more people the TRUTH OF THE DISEASE (which will probably be the title of my show).

I am aiming to compile a newspaper column of personal messages and I can only do this with some help;in return I am keen and willing to share the images I have, although these are very few,most farms being out of bounds one could say.

Thank you very much if you can help in any way, Elli Logan.