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email received 31 March 2004

Did the PM sanction Mr Brown's attempt to mislead the House of Commons?

Dear Mary

On 26 April 2001 Mr Nick Brown M.P., Secretary of State at MAFF made a statement to the House of Commons with regard to the proposed ban on swill feeding, following the outbreak of FMD. Mr Brown said 'We received about 150 responses, nearly all of which favoured a ban'. The Parliamentary Ombudsman has confirmed that she is going to investigate the backround to this statement.

Mr Ben Bradshaw M.P. has just responded to a written Parliamentary question by Mr Boris Johnson M.P. No 162497. Mr Bradshaw stated 'There were 357 responses (not 150), there were 37% against the ban,32% in favour and 31% expressing no preference'.

Mr Bradshaw M.P. has therefore identified that Mr Nick Brown misled the House of Commons.

We have established that the PM wanted a ban on swill feeding and it must be assumed that the misrepresentation of the responses was done in order to justify the ban and therefore allow the Government to have a scapegoat for FMD in the form of the swill feeders.

Did the PM sanction Mr Brown's attempt to mislead the House of Commons?

A title for the story could read 'Bradshaw lands Brown in pigswill'

From Robert Persey

warmwell note:

From Hansard

Swill Feeding

Interesting, to say the least, to read the final part of that statement. The NPA supported the ban on swill feeding subject to-:

  • Compensation being paid to those swill feeders thrown out of busines.
  • Tight controls on meat from countries with FMD and swine fever infection
  • Waste meat not going to landfill
  • Competitors in the EU also giving up.

    The Government did not meet those conditions.