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I had a look at yesterdays debate and found it, as a friend of mine would say : obnoxious.

It's not that this kind of discussions would be handled anything different in Germany.

I have transcripts of discussions between politicians and scientist that would make you cry out loud with laughter if it wasn't that serious.

I have spent some hours today to hand in my IACS forms and this was quite an experience. Usually farmers were queuing up but this time there were only 2 waiting in front of the office. When I congratulated the guy behind the desk on his good job in eliminating that many farmers during the last year he gave me that special look.... It seems I am up for the next on farm check in due course but I just couldn't keep my mouth shut.

It was so obvious, a few years ago it took ages to deal with all the different forms and this time I was done within half an hour. One day they will regret what they have done, the "survivors" are the ones that are usually a pain in the neck of the authorities..