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I have been invited to speak at Iowa State University at a Pig Symposium on the 3/4th of June this year.

The subject I have been asked to speak on is, how FMD affected owners and members of the Pot Bellied Pig Club that I ran. Some of you may remember me from the Smart groups site during f&m.

I am going over there to tell the truth! I am not medically trained or even politically inclined, certainly not proud to be British anymore, but I intend to let them know what was really going on here during that dreadful time. I need some help though.

I need a complete list of all the cases. Is there anywhere I can get hold of the stories for Kirstin and her goat, Carolyn in the borders with her sheep, the chap who owned the sheep who gave them the Bach Rescue Remedy then said a prayer while they were being slaughtered?

I have Tony "the Trouble-shooter"'s story, but need a few more to get the point across.

Can any one remember the front page picture in a newspaper that showed lamb covered in mud? Any idea where I can get a copy of this picture?

Did anyone who resisted the cull ever succumb to F&M? I have to admit I am finding it difficult going over all this again, got through a box of tissues already, but people world wide need to be told the truth. If anyone can help me with this, I would be very grateful, my email is