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May 26 2004

Wyevale /robins

Yep. Well what do we expect in this country.

What amazes me is that it is a garden centre. What do you get in gardens? Birds.

Garden centres sell stuff for birds. Tit boxes, seed, feeders etc.etc. to encourage us to attract birds into our gardens.

But get a Robin nesting in one of these outlets and all hell breaks loose. Don`t they even think that having a bird nesting in their building could have been beneficial ?

Family holiday in Corfu. Beautiful Island. Birthplace of Gerald Durrell and all that. Tiny resort. Small local supermarket. Standing at the till. Whoooosh, what was that ? On the wall in the corner was a swallows nest. INSIDE the building. In, Out. In, Out they went all day, dawn till dusk.

The people that owned it realised that for one thing it was a tourist attraction. Not some disease ridden alien. So, they cleared the area beneath the nest and let them be. Everybody happy.

They are probably nesting there to this day.

You see, these people are not cloned jobsworths.

They probably know nothing of the EU / DEFRA and its ridiculous red tape.

Live and let live and enjoy the wonders of nature. Why destroy the pleasures she brings us ?

We had a turtle dove wander in through our front door and into the kitchen a couple of years ago. You do not see them very often. Least of all in yer house !

We didn't panic and frighten the thing to death "Urrrrrrrgh, there`s a bird in the house,better call Deathra. "

We just calmly laid a trail of seed back through the front door and it slowly nibbled it`s way back outside again. Lovely.

I`m voting UKIP again. Had enough. Again.