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Seems we have a conflict of opinion regarding the British soldiers conduct in Iraq.
Strange that The Mirror appears to be breaking the news considering who owns it.
If the so called images produced for the media are false then who could be the ones responsible for the atrocities? Maybe we should look at the people that are controlling the activities in the Middle East.

"Israeli military prison personnel beat children and youths imprisoned there with fists, sticks,

 wires, wooden truncheons which are sometimes modified with nails and metal strips, iron

 rods and other bludgeoning instruments. Young detainees have been kicked, dragged on

 the ground or floor, hung by their wrists from the ceiling and blindfolded or hooded with

heavy cloth sacks that have been fouled with urine, excrement, vomit or blood."

"Torture is prohibited by international law. Despite this, Israeli forces donít hesitate to torture Palestinians when they interrogate them.
The victims are young aged fourteen to seventeen. The police arrested them at their homes in the middle of the late night and took them to the police station in Gush Etzion, where police interrogators tortured them until morning.
The methods of torture include: Forcing the minors to stand in painful positions for prolonged periods; Beating the minors severely for many hours, at times with the use of various objects; Splashing cold water on the detainees in the facility's courtyard in wintry conditions; Pushing the minor's head into the toilet bowl and flushing the toilet; Making death threats; Cursing and degrading the minors."

From the evidence and the fact that the media have been misinforming the public about these atrocities for the past fifty odd years it would appear they are now attempting to escalate anti-British feelings. The destruction of the British and the British culture being their goal for a number of centuries. Maybe even the cause of all the agriculture problems the British have suffered over the past two decades could be ascribed to those who feel the way they do. It would fit in with their 'Master' plan for the NWO.
By the way I am not anti-semitic! How can you be anti something which isn't that something? I am anti NWO-Ashkenazi-'big money' who had an unfortunate history of this sort of behaviour and have a completely destructive anti-God program intended for this world.