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From hard copy of Independent to day (cannot find links on internet version)
Kim Sengupta's article "Has Mirror king of chutzpah finally taken a gamble too far?"
" There have been persistent rumours, fuelled by rival publications, that the Daily Mirror has been the subject of a sting, and will be embarrassingly exposed."
Colin Brown's article "Newspaper urged to name "abuse" sources
"Uncomfirmed reports were circulating at Westminster that the photographs had been faked by a private security firm operating in Iraq with a grudge aginst anticoalition media".
Very easy to get into conspiracy mode with this government, but I can't help thinking that this could explain some of the govt responses - very quick off mark to get Jackson,  get Parl. Comm. to hint that will question Morgan, then confirm, then haul him over the coals, smear and ridicule him when hoax discovered/confirmed, force him to resign.  Another source of media opposition disposed of.  Similarities with Gilligan and BBC's treatment?