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Bovine TB and Russian ban

email received Nov 10 2004 - and see tb blogspot

"I suspect it will be as we expect, and the industry is sleep walking into another trade ban. The EU has certainly given itself the power to do that with this new bilateral veterinary certificate.

Defra have come back to us to slaughter 3 more. A heifer (Reacter) which they shot in August was lesion negative / culture positive (they must have tried really hard), so we are on 'severe interpretation' of the last test. That means anything over a +2 on the bovine reaction goes, and these three were all +3. What a difference 1ml makes. If it's badger urine, 1ml. holds 300,000 units of Tb bacteria!

I suspect after Christmas Defra will 'cull' the valuers. They are determined to get the Compulsory purchase price of cattle down - in the face of a 20 per cent predicted increase in numbers. A new chart just lists the type of cattle (beef / dairy) their age and pedigree / non pedigree. That's all.

We have ( so I'm told ) too much milk in UK. If in Jan 'they' decide to go continental and issue a stop notice on produce from Tb restricted farms, as EU did with BSE, that would solve that too + take the value out of milk quota + reduce beef herd.....

Just a thought - a political type thought.

Best regards